Widely known as the "Gateway to the Brazilian Amazon," Manaus offers beautiful views and unique experiences for every tourist. The capital of Amazonas is worthy to pay a visit with the entire family. Book a cheap TAP Airlines ticket to Manaus from the official website and get amazing flight deals at affordable rates.

The Mercado

The Mercado, on the Rio Negro's bank, is the symbol of the national heritage of Manaus. It features stained-glass windows with an iron framework that was made in Gustave Eiffel's Paris workshop. The Mercado is one of the most visited sites of the city, thanks to its lively activity and the deep insight into its incredible culture of local life. Grocery shopping is the prevalent activity between the residents of Manaus where they also try to make new friends at stand-up kiosks offering delicious local cuisine.

Encontro das Aguas

One of the must-see things in the country, Encontro das Aguas is a site where you can see the merger of Rio Negro's shadowy water with the Rio Solimes' light brown sandy water to form the Amazon River. These two rivers run parallel to each other for roughly six kilometers without mixing making the view more unusual. People prefer to go on a boat excursion through the un-mixing waters. September through November is a great time to visit as the water levels are low.

Janauari Ecological Park

Solid ground, alluvial plains, and swampy forests are some of the habitats found in the Janauari Ecological Park. You can transport yourself through the park's complex network of small canals, bordered by lush flora ranging from grasslands to massive kapok trees, or sit on a Victoria Amazonic, enormous water lily with floating leaves. Plenty of heart-throbbing attractions that will stun you completely is the best catches of the Janauari Eco Park. Aren't you excited, then? Book TAP Air Portugal tickets to Manaus at affordable rates from the official website and get budget-friendly flight deals for your trip.

Palacio Rio Negro

The house of a German rubber dealer, Palacio Rio Negro is a magnificent mansion that was erected in 1903. It is now a cultural center and offers walking tours of the original home as well as the adjacent Brazilian art gallery. The palace has an ornate interior and exterior with lots of stunning marble and natural woods. Transformed into a cultural center, Palacio Rio Negro is famous for its rotating art exhibits and music venue. Also, the grounds planted with Amazon rainforest plants, trees, and flowers add some attraction to the venue's beauty.

Parque Nacional do Jau

The Jau National Forest features an incredible collection of unique flora and fauna including rare and endangered species. It is the biggest forest reserve in South America and the world's largest protected tropical rainforest area blessed with beautiful plains, hills, flooded woods, waterways, and land forests. Canoeing through the park's canals would be a great idea to observe the region's animals and jungle huts are available to stay in. Don't think more and make your TAP Air flight booking. Visit the beautiful and historic city of Manaus, now!!!