Solo traveler or you can say “A Backpacker” sometimes finds it challenging to choose the best trip mode to plan a trip. Find what to know for a solo traveler before planning a trip to Lisbon.

Every time when we think of travel, what comes to our mind first? Is it the things that we’ll do on the trip? Is it the sightseeing at the destination? Is it what to eat while having an exciting vacation?

Right? The first query to find the answer is “What would be the entire cost of the trip?” If that’s what you are thinking right now, then book a TAP Air Portugal Airlines flight to Lisbon and find out the hidden treasures of the city while not spending unnecessarily.

Take the help of the below travel guide that’ll help you to cut your trip costs down and make your travel a memorable one.

How much to budget to visit Lisbon

Vacationing in Lisbon will not put a burden on your pockets! The city is friendly to the wallet, especially when compared to other Western European cities.

You are suggested to make a spending limit of €25-€50/day on the Lisbon trip. In that, you can find a comfortable stay in a dorm room, cook all of your meals, use public transportation to get around and stick to free activities like free walking tours, beaches, and exploring the Old Town.

How to get around

When you landed at Lisbon airport after booking a TAP Air Portugal flight ticket to Lisbon , you need to what are the commutation options available in the city.

Bus: Choosing a public transportation method rather than a private vehicle would help you to ease down your expenditures. You can pick a bus to get around in the city, with tickets priced as low as 1.50 EUR for a single ride or 6.40 EUR for a 24-hour pass with which you can use the bus, subway, and tram.

Taxi: If you are not much keen to take a bus to know the city on your solo trip, get yourself a ride- sharing taxi. Uber is available in the city at reasonable prices.

Bicycle: Be eco-friendly and grab a cycle/bike for your trip. Bike rentals range from 6 EUR per hour to 30 EUR per day.

Where to stay in Lisbon on a Budget

Lisbon has plenty of old neighborhoods offering affordable stays. You can find a stay on a budget at Alfama, the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon. You’ll find many simple but comfortable hotels with bed-and-breakfasts on these winding, steep streets.

You can expect to pay between €40 and €80 per night for decent budget hotels in the city. If you are a pocket-conscious traveler, then you’ll find the best cheaper options if you’re prepared to stay in less-popular areas a bit further from the Lisbon city center.