Do you have enough time to travel more and save less on a vacation, you should consider flight booking with TAP Air Portugal. For instance, if you are flying between Lisbon and New York, you will quality non-stop Tap Air flights between the routes. Though there are limited flights between these routes, you can save extra on airfares with Tap Air Portugal airlines. You can choose the airline to trim the cost of traveling, as saving bucks with Tap is no rocket science. 

Tap Air offers a more convenient travel option for you to get around your favorite city. What if you have made Tap reservations at the lowest prices and your travel plan changes unexpectedly? You might feel frustrated, as your flight deals may be seized sometimes and it is also a time-consuming process. However, there is nothing to be panicking for if you have signed up for Tap Miles & Go Program.

Tap Miles&Go offers three categories of mile upgrades on some special occasions. You can avail the benefits of these categories at the contact center, online, or the boarding gate.

Early Upgrade

You may get an Early Upgrade Option at the contact center. This option is for those customers, who want to upgrade to Executive Class from the time of the reservation made in advance.


You can do an online upgrade or through the contact center channels. This option is subject to availability and lets you upgrade the days before the departure of your flight.

Last Minute Upgrade

With Last Minute Upgrade, you will get last-minute opportunities to fly with the lowest fares. This option is available for silver and gold subscribers. You can avail this facility at the boarding gate.

Wondering How Upgrading is Easier?

Follow these three simple steps to get your upgrades:

  • Make Economy Class reservations after picking up your destination.
  • Log on to your Tap Miles&Go Account and select booking to upgrade.
  • Enjoy a comfortable traveling on a Business Class trip.

It is quite easy to upgrade your booking with the Tap Air booking portal. If you want to know more about it, dial Tap Air Portugal's toll-free reservation helpdesk to stay connected with experts. Plan your trip and upgrade your TAP booking with confidence.