Tap Portugal Check-In Policy

There are several ways for customers to check in for TAP Air Portugal flights. The various options allow for easy and convenient check-in and avoid last-minute airport problems. These approaches each have their own set of restrictions and check-in deadlines. These specifics are presented below.

The boarding gate closes 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of flights, regardless of how you check in.

TAP Portugal web check-in procedure

The comprehensive directions for TAP Portugal Airlines flight check-in are as follows:

TAP Portugal Airlines Web Check-in always offers the traveler a variety of advanced alternatives such as altering the seat cabin, adding a meal, and a lot more.

TAP Online and Mobile Check In

TAP Air Portugal's online and mobile check-in opens 36 hours before the flight's scheduled departure time, except for flights to/from the United States, where online check-in starts 24 hours before.

This approach requires passengers to visit the airline's website on mobile or computer devices to check in.

After completing web check-in, passengers with only carry-on luggage can move to security clearance and boarding. Those with check-in bags must drop them off at designated counters before heading to the security checkpoint.

Furthermore, when departing from some airports, the boarding card must be collected from the airport check-in counter, even if check-in has before been completed online. Abidjan, Accra, Casablanca, Moscow, Argel, Boston, Praia, Marrakech, New York (JFK / Newark), Lomé, Tangier, and So Vicente airports are among them.

varying airports throughout the world have varying cut-off times, which must be determined before traveling to the airport.

The airline's iOS and Android mobile apps can be used for mobile check-in.

Airport Check-in

Check-in at the airport can be done at the airport counter or at kiosks. It is necessary to provide the ticket number, booking code, or Victoria customer number when using self-service kiosks.

Premium Check-in

This is only offered at two airports: Lisbon and Porto. This is not available to all travelers, but only a select few. Premium check-in is for the following:

Travelling passengers include:

possessing a Victoria Gold or Victoria Silver card.

Home Check-in

TAP Air Portugal allows passengers to check in from their home, business, or hotel 24 hours before their flight's planned departure time. This service, known as SKYBAGS, is dispatching a SKYBAG executive to your location, where he will collect your luggage, check your travel documents, and check you in. You must pick up your boarding pass at the airport one hour before your flight's planned departure time.

This service is now available for TAP flights departing from Lisbon airport. It encompasses the areas of Lisbon city, Lisbon to Sintra, Lisbon District, Tagus South, and Lisbon to Cascais.

Check-in Automation

This service is available 24 hours before flight departure. It is also only available for TAP flights departing from the Lisbon airport. To utilize this service, you must enter an accurate email address and mobile phone number.

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