Whether you want to explore the downtown areas full of classy museums and boutiques or craving for a delicious meal, the city of Campinas will stun your heart. What tickles your fantasy? A delectable five-course supper at a famous restaurant or reading the paper while sipping hot coffee at one of the cafes scattered throughout town are some must-do activities in Campinas.

Though Campinas is a small and not so populated town, it is really a scenic destination. You can find plenty of things to explore and enjoy after visiting this beautiful destination. Here is a list of various attractions to visit and make special memories with the close ones. Book TAP Air flight tickets to travel conveniently.

Basilica Nossa Senhora Do Carmo, Campinas

Known for its rich history and incredible culture, Basilica Nossa Senhora Do Carmo would be a great spot to start with. Concerts and festivals are held almost every month here. The place is one of the most visited sites of Campinas and every traveler loves to visit it again. Make your plans for Campinas, now!

Parque Ecologico Prof. Hermogenes De Freitas

A perfect stop for those who are making plans to travel here with their family and wishing to experience a breath of fresh air. It is the destination where you can go for a walk or go hiking and enjoy views of a scenic lake which is very refreshing to look at. Parque Ecologico Prof. Hermogenes de Freitas is also a place to do physical exercise. Are you also excited to visit the city of Campinas? Then book TAP Air Portugal flights and grab some amazing offers.

Serra Fina

Serra Fina to do enjoy a range of thrilling activities where you can go for an energetic run or go for a hike your friends. The great is loved among those who love being outdoors and doing fun adventures. There are trails you can follow with nature in its fullest form. Love nature? Going for a walk would be a great idea!

Parque Portugal

Parque Portugal is a beautifully designed public part in the city of Campinas. It offers marvelous views of the lagoon where it is set. Relax for some time during your trip to Campinas and enjoy strolling around Parque Portugal with your family. Also, practice sports with your kids or do some exercises in the area for healthy living.

Hopi Hari

Make TAP Air Portugal booking to Campinas and take yourself to the Hope Hari. It is a Brazillian theme park located 72 km away from Bandeirantes Highway. A pleasant spot for outdoor lovers, where you can spend your chill time with your friends and family. Don’t you think that would be a great destination to go on an exciting outing? If yes, then start packing your bags, ASAP!!!